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Corporate video company. Secrets. Price

Corporate video of a company is a video clip that aims to show and tell about the company, its successes, goals and employees. Such content is image-based and strengthens the position of the company and the brand as a whole. In order to buy a product or service, the customer has to believe in the company. The purpose of a corporate video is to dive into the life and spirit of the company, to get emotionally involved in the brand and to create a sustainable positive image.

Let's highlight the main types of corporate videos:

  1. A film about the company. The history of creation, goals, formation, successes, achievements, figures.
  2. Tour of the office, production plant
  3. Interviews with company's employees
  4. Customer’s feedback
  5. Video of seminars, conferences, workshops, and awards
  6. Reporting video for the period
  7. Video presentation
  8. Promotional video
  9. Viral video
  10. Company blog

Making a corporate video, it's important to pay attention to such aspects and tricks:

Corporate film should convey goodness, convey the spirit of the company, reliability and the rightness of management decisions. It is very important to choose the right music (because here and now a movie is born about the history of the company, the brand), the voiceover narration, camera angles. Order with us a corporate video for your company, and we will create and capture its history for years to come.


Difficulty level 30 sec 1 min 2 minutes and more / for 1 minute
Simple from $100 from $200 from $180
Middle from $150 from $500 from $470
Hard $300 and more $600 and more $550 and more
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How to create an explainer video. Secrets. Price

The popularity of educational videos is growing exponentially. Online schools and courses, seminars, master classes - this type of business generates simply staggering revenues. Business training courses are not far behind. But how to reach the maximum number of people at once? To help come to training videos, screencasts, video tutorials.

Types of videos for training:

  1. Screencasts-recording the screen of the monitor and voice-over narration, which comment on what you see.
  2. Video- a video accompanied by a "talking head". Such "live" video is popular because everyone intuitively searches for the face and eyes of the interlocutor.
  3. Video lesson-professional "rich" video sequence alternating with the narrator or interviewer.
  4. Video Instruction.

Video instructions can be divided into:

Before making a video lesson you need to determine the target audience. Writing the script, storyboarding, identifying key points, repetition for memorization, determining the gender and timbre of the narrator's voice, the color scheme of the video-all should "work" for the target audience. Determine the level of professionalism of the trainees in the topic. If the topic is new, the pace should be slower and the slang not intense. As the trainees learn more about the topic, from lesson to lesson, the pace can be increased and the slang added. Lately, instructional videos have been used to sell products or services. This method perfectly immerses the viewer into the topic and prepares them for the purchase during the video lesson.
  1. use training videos to sell products. People watching professional advice on the use of a particular product begin to trust the presenter more, and the growth of trust is followed by a purchase.
  2. Sell training videos for services and services. As in the first case, it is important to show your audience, your expertise on the subject. People trust experts and listen to their opinions.
Educational video content is a great way to attract the audience, show your expertise and sell products

Explainer video cost

Difficulty level 30 sec 1 min 2 minutes and more / for 1 minute
Simple from $100 from $200 from $180
Middle from $150 from $500 from $470
Hard $300 and more $600 and more $550 and more
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Creating a video presentation. Secrets and price

Make a video presentation is a colorful way to tell about your company, brand, goods and services with the help of video.

When you need a video presentation:

1.Presentation of company and brand 2.Product or service presentation
  1. Explanatory and educational video for customers or company employees
4.Project demonstration 5.Visualization of any data 6.A lecture or talk 7.Reporting video

According to the type of production they are divided into:

There are several options for video presentations on the timing:

- 60 minutes. Typically these options are needed for internal corporate training, to create a history of the company and the brand. - 5 minutes. A presentation of company or product just fully fits in 5 minutes. Spectator does not get tired of material, so it is well remembered and absorbed. - From 30 seconds to 1 minute. This is a format for TV and social media. It is often used as an insert in films, as a pre-roll before videos on YouTube, etc.

What to pay attention to when creating videos:

The brand and name of the company should appear in the first 5 seconds.
  1. In the first 3-5 seconds the message and meaning of the video should be clear. Theme should be defined.
  2. The presentation is prepared clearly for the right target audience. The prevailing color scheme of the video should be taken from the product or service being advertised.
  3. The video must be sure to evoke emotion
  4. One presentation is one company, one product or one service.

Scheme of creating a promotional presentation of a product and service:

  1. The lead-in. Showing the problem.
  2. Disclosure of the topic. Solution of the problem.
  3. Demonstration of key values.
  4. Adding bonuses.
  5. Call to action and contacts
Read more here


Difficulty level 30 sec 1 min 2 minutes and more / for 1 minute
Simple from $100 from $200 from $180
Middle from $150 from $500 from $470
Hard $300 and more $600 and more $550 and more
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3D architectural video. Shooting of buildings and real estate. Benefits. Price

The architecture looks the most profitable on 3D architectural visualization animation. Architectural video is an effective way to show potential buyers of real estate advantages and the best parts of the building and architectural structure, without going to the site. Architecture. Shooting. The benefits of video:
  1. Ability to show the structure in rainy or snowy weather
  2. Ability to show attractive footage to a buyer who can't go out and see the property for one reason or another
  3. Shooting is able to show a gray building colorfully and perspective at sunset, dawn, or at night under certain lighting
  4. 3D architectural animation and real estate appeal to the buyer more than photos and pictures
  5. Good staged light, staging, special effects and transitions increase the possibility of selling a house or apartment compared to a photo by 10 times
  6. Video gives the opportunity to show the surrounding real estate infrastructure, panorama, and its benefits
  7. Accompanied by music helps the buyer to feel more deeply the atmosphere of the property
  8. Video more colorfully conveys the interior architecture, renovations, stucco, built-in appliances and furniture
  9. With video and effects, you can create an atmosphere that is many times more attractive than in photos or even in real life.

3D architectural animation cost is calculated individually, but depends on:

- The time and day of shooting the building outside and inside. Additional lighting and equipment will be needed in the hours of darkness. - Number of objects to be shot per 1 time. The more real estate will be filmed per 1 time of the operator and filming equipment, the cheaper will be the price of each video. - The complexity of shooting. Shooting from a quadcopter, a crane and additional devices can increase the price of video - Number of operators and cameras working simultaneously. Get a very high-quality picture of a very beautiful sunset or sunrise, which lasts for several minutes can be filmed simultaneously on several cameras. The quality of the video and the number of angles increases many times, but the price increases proportionally - Additional processing, color correction, removal of unnecessary objects from the shot.

3D architectural  cost

Video complexity Without additional equipment With additional equipment Shooting + special effects
Price from $50 from $100 from $100
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Order a script for a promotional video. Stages. Price

The script for a promotional video is a structured structure of actions that take place in the video. To make your video interesting and viral you need an original memorable script. But where can you get ideas? How to create a film that would be interesting to watch till the end?

To write a script for a promotional video clip you can identify the main stages of work:

  1. Outline the goal that the video needs to achieve. For example, to encourage the viewer to buy goods. It is necessary to achieve a growing attention of the viewer with the achievement of the "Wow" effect. The viewer should want to buy the product or service.
2.Determine the target audience (TA) for viewing your ad. Don't make an advertisement "for everyone," or no one will like it. Determine the exact potential buyers, their taste, preferences in music and colors
  1. Look for examples of commercials and references. Look for ideas on the internet, media, TV. Gather your friends and acquaintances to brainstorm. Study your competitors' advertising (don't imitate them).
  2. Formulate the idea of an ad. This is a story guide future commercial script.

So the idea is defined. Development of the script for the video:

  1. Write a three-act structure of the script for a promotional video:
- Problem Identification. In each structure of the video there is the so-called “introduction". It is necessary to show the problem which concerns the majority of viewers. It should be relevant and interesting. - The solution to people's problem with your product or service. - A call to action and contacts
  1. Break it down into key episodes
  2. Write and refine the dialogues
The structure of a social or image video can vary slightly, but the basis is common to all.

General structure of a video clip script:

  1. Exposition. Identify the main character of the video, motivation. The viewer should empathize with it. Identify his problems.
  2. Climax. The hero's problem should escalate. This is the second act of the action. The hero's problem builds up to a peak.
  3. The denouement. In the third act, the hero finds a solution and copes with the problem on his own.

Creating a video clip. What is important to consider in script:

  1. Engage the viewer in the first 3 seconds. It is during this period, the viewer should understand the problem and begin to wait with interest for the solution of the problem - the denouement.
  2. Draw a storyboard clip. Highlight the main key frames.
  3. Make musical accents in the most important moments. Increase the emotional component of the viewer.
  4. Make people care about the main character. The viewer loves emotion. Give him the emotion.
  5. Surprise. Find tricks that haven't been used anywhere else. Surprise the viewer.
  6. Show the name of the company and brand in the first 3-4 seconds. The spot should not obscure the brand and the product with its screaming creativity. The main thing is the product and brand - the creative should look in its direction.
  7. Have 3-4 options for the script, so there was something to choose from
  8. The duration of the commercial should be up to 45 seconds
  9. Dialogues should be clear to everyone. Do not go overboard with professional jargon
To order the script for a promotional video contact our script bureau. We will work out a creative script for you! How much does it cost to write a script for a promotional video clip?


Level 30 сsec 1 min 2 min and more/ from 1 min
Simple from $50 from $100 from $80
Middle from $100 from $200$ from $170
Hard $300 и выше $600 and more $550 and more
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Video advertising. Price

Video advertising — a type of video ad that can instantly reach a large audience. The ability of video content to convey meaning and message in the shortest possible time (up to 5 seconds) makes this video the most popular. Today, more than 4 billion people view video ads examples every day in the world. The growing popularity of such social networks as: Tik Tok, Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest brings video advertising trends to the 1st place. Types of advertising:
  1. Presentation
  2. Viral (a type of advertising that is distributed voluntarily by viewers through posts on social networks, chat rooms, forums)
  3. Educating (tells a customer how to use a product or service)
  4. Imagemaking (aims to strengthen a company's positive brand image)
  5. Selling (main function - motivation to buy a product or service)
According to the type can be divided into:
  1. A movie clip
  2. With 2d animation
  3. With 3d visualization
  4. Doodle
  5. A mixture of several types
Stages of creation:
  1. To create the concept of the video you need to accurately determine the target audience and develop a video concept for them. You need to decide what your message will be. What thoughts, emotions and actions you want to induce in the viewer.
  2. Writing a script. According to the rules of creating a commercial aimed at selling, write the script of the commercial and the dialogues.
  3. Storyboard - outline the moments you want to show. Break it down into frames with dialogues. Introduce accents for emotional reinforcement.
  4. Select the lighting, sound and filming equipment for the job.
  5. Shoot – film until everything falls into place. Don't settle for average quality. Good commercials don't come easy.
  6. Editing and color correction - bring your video advertising to final quality. It should, above all, cause emotion. Make a survey of friends and relatives about the finished work. If necessary, make any changes.
Bottom line: Even during the conception and creation of the concept you should know exactly what emotions and actions you should cause by watching a video advertising in the viewer. With us you can order advertising for almost any kind of goods or services


Level 30 sec 1 min 2 min and morе/ for 1 min
Simple from 100$ from 200$ from 180$
Middle from 250$ from 500$ from 470$
Hard 300$ and more 600$ and more 550$ and more
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Business video. Video for business to order. Secrets of creation. Price

To boost your business and increase your sales and bring your company to the top, you can't do business in the 21st century without video maker for business. Competitors are literally sweeping away their viral and selling videos of the buyer. And while your website and brochures are just being read, your competitors are already selling their product for the 3rd time due to video messaging for business.

Why do you need such a video?

  • to make your brand known and be remembered
  • if you have a new or developing company that needs a new influx of customers
  • to tell about a new product, its features
  • to answer the frequent questions of customers
  • to teach your customers how to use the product properly
  • to get feedback from satisfied customers and show them
  • to train rain and motivate your staff

The main objectives of the video for business order:

  1. Intra-corporate - training, motivation of employees and staff
  2. Branding - to memorize the company's brand, to raise the company's image
  3. Explanatory - explains to the customer how the product works
  4. Video presentation. The first video marketing for a business
Warming up buyers. Usually works to memorize the brand of a product or service. Its purpose is not immediate sale. It is important for future buyers to form an opinion about a product, its functionality.
  1. Video presentation. The second video for business promotion
Motivating to purchase the product. Sometimes this video is called a selling video. This is not quite correct, because several videos lead to the sales process, and often several commercials. This is a video with a call to action and contacts that already leads directly to the sale of the product itself.

The second video for business promotion, depending on the timing, consists of parts:

- Attention Capture. At this stage, in the first 3 seconds, it is important to capture and hold the viewer's attention. If the running time of the video more than 1 minute and 30 seconds, tell briefly what one will learn in the video, what problems with it could be solved. Promise that at the end he (the viewer) will learn the “most interesting”. - Create a limited product and purchase time. - Problem Solving. Tell how the product and service solves the buyer's pains and problems. The product should be a unique and unambiguous solution to problems. - Promotions. Tell about bonuses and promotions that take place in this particular limited time period and with a limited circulation product. - Value, not price. If you have explained the value of the product, and the customer understands that it's the only way to solve his pain, you can name the price. The price is only called when the value of the item has grown in the buyer's eyes. - Last and final is contact and a call to action. Push the buyer with a vivid appeal!
  1. Instructions for the customer (screencast)
  2. The teaser
  3. Screensaver
Order your video for business promotion now. Don't make your customer go to your competitor!)


Level 30 sec 1 min 2 minutes or more / price for 1 minute
Simple от 100$ от 200$ от 180$
Middle от 250$ от 500$ от 470$
Hard 300$ и выше 600$ и выше 550$ и выше
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2D animation, motion design. Secrets of creation. Prices

type of 2d animation 2D animation occupies one of the main places in the lineup of ways to create all create animated video for business. Remarkably, it also has other names: animation, 2D infographics, motion design. This is a two-dimensional way of animating drawn objects or characters in two-dimensional space, which you can order from us at Gong Film. Everything is done with the help of special software (computer programs). Number of software for the production of 2D animation is huge, but we will highlight the main ones:

Programs for the creation of 2D classic animation:

2D computer animation is a beautiful two-dimensional drawn way of conveying information which allows you to conveniently and visually convey any information, even fictional. With the growing volume of filmed video content, 2D animation, stands out brightly among competitors. Commercials created in 2D are eye-catching, which makes them the best competitor to the 2D animation examples The great popularity of this appealing type of video content has created a huge demand for professionals in the field of motion design, and he in turn on specialized courses in this type of design. A separate item as an object of art is the creation of animation. Cartoons are a favorite way to spend time not only for children, but also adults. Therefore, large 2d animation companies not only regularly produce cartoons for children and adults, but also create whole channels on TV and You Tube. This is quite a profitable business, which will not lose its popularity in the near future.



Preproduction is the initial stage of creating the concept and plot, writing the script, storyboarding. In addition, the development of characters, their external world, the creation of backgrounds, color styles and palettes, the selection of the voices of speakers and background music. Production When the general preparation in preproduction is over, everything is picked up and adjusted, the process of production begins In order to fit everything accurately, experts create an exposition sheet. It specifies: - Actions and timing - Dialogues and music - Animation layers - Backgrounds - Perspective


When the production of animated videos in the production department is finished, first of all sound directors add sound effects to enhance the emotional component. To order 2D animation, you need: 1.Contact us 2.We will help you choose the best type of graphics that you, your clients and will do all the tasks assigned to it
  1. We will help you choose the concept of the video, write a rousing script
4.We will create the characters, the environment, pick the music 5.We will create a spectacular and memorable movie that will not only please the eye, but will be a business card of your company. Advantages of 2D animation: - High popularity in advertising - Relatively inexpensive manufacturing costs Disadvantages: - With exclusive design and production of each element (characters and environments) development takes from 10-14 days Order 2D animation you can write us or call. How much is a second of 2D animation:


Difficulty level 30 sec 1 min 2 minutes and more / for 1 minute
Simple from $100 from $200 from $180
Middle from $150 from $500 from $470
Hard $300 and more $600 and more $550 and more
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Create 3D animation, visualization. Software and stages of creation. Price. Order

3D animation (visualization) proudly and forcefully entered the 21st century, indicating to everyone who is on top of the mountain. 3D visualization - the process of giving motion to models in three dimensions by computer technology.

The main software, which is involved in the process of making 3D animation examples is:

There are many ways to create 3D animations using online resources (not just Windows and Android). Online platforms that appear so fast can create a basic 3D-image and its movements for simple postcards and banners. It certainly does not replace full-fledged special software packages, but it solves small routine tasks. Cartoons, games, virtual and augmented reality, visualization in architecture and manufacturing, education and medicine, advertising and film. This is not a complete list of spheres, where this type of video content is considered. Expressive, amazing, arousing WOW-effect of 3D animation examples content has long been in the leading position developing every day. All major companies and brands without exception have a video and advertising, based on 3D animation. 3D animation agencies have in their arsenal such a flawless weapon as VFX or CGI VFX stands for Visual Effects, which is used in advertising and film. Visual effects have a stunning realism for what they are "on full" used in the film industry. Examples of these effects could be destruction, fire, flood, tsunami, explosions, smoke, rejuvenation or aging faces. CGI- stands for Computer Generated Images. This includes all objects created volumetrically with 3D (characters, environments, simulations). This is no longer additional special effects, but a full-fledged computer world.

Creation of 3D animation. Stages:

  1. Modeling.
Before our picture "comes to life" we need to think of the main character and its environment. The whole world in 3D consists of polygonal separate elements, models and each must be created separately. They all consist of a net, which give individual shape and skeleton.
  1. Animation of 3D models.
When all is ready, it is placed according to the storyboard, add lighting and set in motion.
  1. Rendering.
All the models which are set in motion are finalized by the program, textures are added and rendered (the final video).
  1. Adding sounds, narrator voice and background accompaniment.

ARCHITECTURE and Real Estate in 3D

Architecture and design occupy a special place and attention in the world of visualization. We have a special department of designers who are engaged in a unique product - a photorealistic picture of the buildings, surroundings and interiors. Developers, construction companies, real estate agencies involved in the sale of real estate are our regular customers and partners). To order 3D animation you need:
  1. Contact us
  2. We can help you choose the concept of the product, write a script
  3. We will create characters, the inner world, select or write music
  4. We will develop a unique vibrant video, which will cause a wow-effect
Advantages of 3D animation: - High popularity among public Disadvantages of 3D animation: - With exclusive design and production of each element takes from 30 days


Level 30 sec 1 min 2 min and more / for 1 minute
Simple $300 $600 $580
Middle $400 $800 $770
Hard $500 $1000 $950
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Promotional video. Price

Promotional video - video or film of the product, goods or services. The main purpose of such videos is video add promotion for the purpose of further sale.

The basic types can be divided into:

Image. The purpose of such a video is to befriend a potential client with the company's brand and to cement its positive image. A promo video on request can be considered a full-fledged film, which is created according to all the rules of drama, from writing the script and storyboard, to the selection of actors and the shooting process.
  1. Productive. The purpose of this video is to present a new product, product or service and its further sale.
Promotional videos are created for new products and are the first step in an advertising campaign. It is important for the future potential client to hear about the product and brand, to see it and remember it. It is the introduction of a new product into the marketplace for the purpose of remembering it, but not yet selling it, that is its main function.

The functions that a promotional film should have:


  1. You do not have to sell the product right away. This is the second stage, and it only comes when the buyer already trusts the brand. The sale is engaged in 2 video - "selling"
  2. the image of the product and the brand is reinforced by a series of promo commercials, positive feedback, and positive reviews.
  3. Do not impose the product, but tell about it. It is better to let the buyer read about it additionally on the video promotion website, hear about it in the news.

video promotion cost

Level 30 sec 1 min 2 minutes or more / for 1 minute
Simple $200 $300 $280
Middle $450 $900 $870
Hard $900 $1800 $1750
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Viral video for TikTok. Viral video formula. Price

A viral video (also known as viral advertising) is a video that is distributed voluntarily by Internet users through reposting and sharing with friends. The viral product can be not only videos, but also music, news, clips, banners, photos, gif-animation. With the advent of chat rooms and channels in Telegram, Tik tok, Instagram and other messengers, viral advertising has gained particular popularity. The value of viral advertising is that it does not need additional promotion and financial spending by the company. Once invested in the production of 1 video, it is then distributed by users on their own. On Facebook, a viral video can have over 300,000 reposts per week, with tens and hundreds of times more views. Principles of viral video creation To make a video with a viral effect it is not necessary to have a cinematic camera and expensive equipment. The basis of such a video is an unpredictable ending, an interesting storyline, originality, comicality and positivity. To achieve this effect, you need to focus on the script, storyboarding and directing. As a rule, a good viral video is created by professionals from the beginning to the end. We have scriptwriters who write scripts and make storyboards specifically for viral advertising. You can order a viral promotional video for any direction. We will develop a unique comic script for you, and our director will bring this idea to life.


Level 30 sec 1 min 2 min and more / for 1 min
Simple $200 $300 $280
Middle $450 $900 $870
Hard $900 $1800 $1750
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What is the cost of making a video?
The price of making a video depends on many different factors - timing, type of video (2D, 3D, video filming), the presence and number of actors and their fees, the number and footage of locations. The price for the video starts from $ 200 and there is no limit to it)
What are the strengths of your company?
We will make a video for a specific customer. Our videos hit the target clearly and fulfill their purpose 100%. We create not just video production, we create an informational guide to buy a product, remember a brand, evoke emotions, and be remembered. We first study the future target audience, and only then we create a video tool to influence it.
What types of services do you provide?
GONG FILM professionally provides a full range of video production and scripting services. Our experts will fulfill all your creative ideas, quickly, efficiently and on time!) We are already waiting for your thoughts!
Where can you use your video?
Video content produced by GONG FILM can be used in all areas, namely, on TV, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, on sites as educational content, advertising, for internal corporate use, branding and many other areas.

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