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To boost your business and increase your sales and bring your company to the top, you can’t do business in the 21st century without video maker for business. Competitors are literally sweeping away their viral and selling videos of the buyer. And while your website and brochures are just being read, your competitors are already selling their product for the 3rd time due to video messaging for business.

Why do you need such a video?

  • to make your brand known and be remembered
  • if you have a new or developing company that needs a new influx of customers
  • to tell about a new product, its features
  • to answer the frequent questions of customers
  • to teach your customers how to use the product properly
  • to get feedback from satisfied customers and show them
  • to train rain and motivate your staff

The main objectives of the video for business order:

  1. Intra-corporate – training, motivation of employees and staff
  2. Branding – to memorize the company’s brand, to raise the company’s image
  3. Explanatory – explains to the customer how the product works
  4. Video presentation. The first video marketing for a business

Warming up buyers. Usually works to memorize the brand of a product or service. Its purpose is not immediate sale. It is important for future buyers to form an opinion about a product, its functionality.

  1. Video presentation. The second video for business promotion

Motivating to purchase the product. Sometimes this video is called a selling video. This is not quite correct, because several videos lead to the sales process, and often several commercials. This is a video with a call to action and contacts that already leads directly to the sale of the product itself.

The second video for business promotion, depending on the timing, consists of parts:

– Attention Capture. At this stage, in the first 3 seconds, it is important to capture and hold the viewer’s attention. If the running time of the video more than 1 minute and 30 seconds, tell briefly what one will learn in the video, what problems with it could be solved. Promise that at the end he (the viewer) will learn the “most interesting”.

– Create a limited product and purchase time.

– Problem Solving. Tell how the product and service solves the buyer’s pains and problems. The product should be a unique and unambiguous solution to problems.

– Promotions. Tell about bonuses and promotions that take place in this particular limited time period and with a limited circulation product.

– Value, not price. If you have explained the value of the product, and the customer understands that it’s the only way to solve his pain, you can name the price. The price is only called when the value of the item has grown in the buyer’s eyes.

– Last and final is contact and a call to action. Push the buyer with a vivid appeal!

  1. Instructions for the customer (screencast)
  2. The teaser
  3. Screensaver

Order your video for business promotion now. Don’t make your customer go to your competitor!)


Level 30 sec 1 min 2 minutes or more / price for 1 minute
Simple от 100$ от 200$ от 180$
Middle от 250$ от 500$ от 470$
Hard 300$ и выше 600$ и выше 550$ и выше
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What is the cost of making a video?
The price of making a video depends on many different factors - timing, type of video (2D, 3D, video filming), the presence and number of actors and their fees, the number and footage of locations. The price for the video starts from $ 200 and there is no limit to it)
What are the strengths of your company?
We will make a video for a specific customer. Our videos hit the target clearly and fulfill their purpose 100%. We create not just video production, we create an informational guide to buy a product, remember a brand, evoke emotions, and be remembered. We first study the future target audience, and only then we create a video tool to influence it.
What types of services do you provide?
GONG FILM professionally provides a full range of video production and scripting services. Our experts will fulfill all your creative ideas, quickly, efficiently and on time!) We are already waiting for your thoughts!
Where can you use your video?
Video content produced by GONG FILM can be used in all areas, namely, on TV, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, on sites as educational content, advertising, for internal corporate use, branding and many other areas.

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