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Corporate video of a company is a video clip that aims to show and tell about the company, its successes, goals and employees. Such content is image-based and strengthens the position of the company and the brand as a whole. In order to buy a product or service, the customer has to believe in the company.

The purpose of a corporate video is to dive into the life and spirit of the company, to get emotionally involved in the brand and to create a sustainable positive image.

Let’s highlight the main types of corporate videos:

  1. A film about the company. The history of creation, goals, formation, successes, achievements, figures.
  2. Tour of the office, production plant
  3. Interviews with company’s employees
  4. Customer’s feedback
  5. Video of seminars, conferences, workshops, and awards
  6. Reporting video for the period
  7. Video presentation
  8. Promotional video
  9. Viral video
  10. Company blog

Making a corporate video, it’s important to pay attention to such aspects and tricks:

  • Capture emotion. It’s important to convey not so much a pretty picture as the emotional atmosphere of the company’s employees and management
  • Be close to the characters of the film. Of course, it is important to show the company management in ties and suits, but much more important to do it in their homes. The home environment, the dog, the family, the fireplace-all make for good, heartfelt conversation.
  • Jokes and laughter of employees during lunch time, coordinated friendly atmosphere, common goals, support of each other. This will surely convey the spirit of the team.
  • The history of the company in faces. Draw a parallel – show the employees who were at the origins, show their success at the company and at home, how they grew with the company, their love for the brand
  • Tell funny stories that happened to staff and management. Let management and staff laugh together in a close circle at funny curiosities

Corporate film should convey goodness, convey the spirit of the company, reliability and the rightness of management decisions. It is very important to choose the right music (because here and now a movie is born about the history of the company, the brand), the voiceover narration, camera angles.

Order with us a corporate video for your company, and we will create and capture its history for years to come.


Difficulty level 30 sec 1 min 2 minutes and more / for 1 minute
Simple from $100 from $200 from $180
Middle from $150 from $500 from $470
Hard $300 and more $600 and more $550 and more
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What is the cost of making a video?
The price of making a video depends on many different factors - timing, type of video (2D, 3D, video filming), the presence and number of actors and their fees, the number and footage of locations. The price for the video starts from $ 200 and there is no limit to it)
What are the strengths of your company?
We will make a video for a specific customer. Our videos hit the target clearly and fulfill their purpose 100%. We create not just video production, we create an informational guide to buy a product, remember a brand, evoke emotions, and be remembered. We first study the future target audience, and only then we create a video tool to influence it.
What types of services do you provide?
GONG FILM professionally provides a full range of video production and scripting services. Our experts will fulfill all your creative ideas, quickly, efficiently and on time!) We are already waiting for your thoughts!
Where can you use your video?
Video content produced by GONG FILM can be used in all areas, namely, on TV, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, on sites as educational content, advertising, for internal corporate use, branding and many other areas.

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