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The script for a promotional video is a structured structure of actions that take place in the video.

To make your video interesting and viral you need an original memorable script. But where can you get ideas? How to create a film that would be interesting to watch till the end?

To write a script for a promotional video clip you can identify the main stages of work:

  1. Outline the goal that the video needs to achieve. For example, to encourage the viewer to buy goods. It is necessary to achieve a growing attention of the viewer with the achievement of the “Wow” effect. The viewer should want to buy the product or service.

2.Determine the target audience (TA) for viewing your ad. Don’t make an advertisement “for everyone,” or no one will like it. Determine the exact potential buyers, their taste, preferences in music and colors

  1. Look for examples of commercials and references. Look for ideas on the internet, media, TV. Gather your friends and acquaintances to brainstorm. Study your competitors’ advertising (don’t imitate them).
  2. Formulate the idea of an ad. This is a story guide future commercial script.

So the idea is defined. Development of the script for the video:

  1. Write a three-act structure of the script for a promotional video:

– Problem Identification. In each structure of the video there is the so-called “introduction”. It is necessary to show the problem which concerns the majority of viewers. It should be relevant and interesting.

– The solution to people’s problem with your product or service.

– A call to action and contacts

  1. Break it down into key episodes
  2. Write and refine the dialogues

The structure of a social or image video can vary slightly, but the basis is common to all.

General structure of a video clip script:

  1. Exposition. Identify the main character of the video, motivation. The viewer should empathize with it. Identify his problems.
  2. Climax. The hero’s problem should escalate. This is the second act of the action. The hero’s problem builds up to a peak.
  3. The denouement. In the third act, the hero finds a solution and copes with the problem on his own.

Creating a video clip. What is important to consider in script:

  1. Engage the viewer in the first 3 seconds. It is during this period, the viewer should understand the problem and begin to wait with interest for the solution of the problem – the denouement.
  2. Draw a storyboard clip. Highlight the main key frames.
  3. Make musical accents in the most important moments. Increase the emotional component of the viewer.
  4. Make people care about the main character. The viewer loves emotion. Give him the emotion.
  5. Surprise. Find tricks that haven’t been used anywhere else. Surprise the viewer.
  6. Show the name of the company and brand in the first 3-4 seconds. The spot should not obscure the brand and the product with its screaming creativity. The main thing is the product and brand – the creative should look in its direction.
  7. Have 3-4 options for the script, so there was something to choose from
  8. The duration of the commercial should be up to 45 seconds
  9. Dialogues should be clear to everyone. Do not go overboard with professional jargon

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How much does it cost to write a script for a promotional video clip?


Level 30 сsec 1 min 2 min and more/ from 1 min
Simple from $50 from $100 from $80
Middle from $100 from $200$ from $170
Hard $300 и выше $600 and more $550 and more
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What is the cost of making a video?
The price of making a video depends on many different factors - timing, type of video (2D, 3D, video filming), the presence and number of actors and their fees, the number and footage of locations. The price for the video starts from $ 200 and there is no limit to it)
What are the strengths of your company?
We will make a video for a specific customer. Our videos hit the target clearly and fulfill their purpose 100%. We create not just video production, we create an informational guide to buy a product, remember a brand, evoke emotions, and be remembered. We first study the future target audience, and only then we create a video tool to influence it.
What types of services do you provide?
GONG FILM professionally provides a full range of video production and scripting services. Our experts will fulfill all your creative ideas, quickly, efficiently and on time!) We are already waiting for your thoughts!
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Video content produced by GONG FILM can be used in all areas, namely, on TV, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, TikTok, on sites as educational content, advertising, for internal corporate use, branding and many other areas.

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